Flatbed towing in Bradenton.

Flatbed towing is the preferred method of towing these days. It involves a trailer or a truck equipped with a flatbed on its rear end to transport vehicles from one location to another. Using flatbed tow trucks is essential and has many benefits.

Flatbed towing involves placing the entire vehicle on a long flatbed tow truck where all four wheels are off the road. This ensures that the weight of the car or truck is completely balanced. Loading is actually quite simple and only takes a few minutes. The vehicle is attached by cable and winched up onto the flatbed tow truck. Once on the truck it is safely attached the bed and then we are able to deliver your vehicle to the destination of your choice.

Flatbed towing is probably the safest option available for transporting vehicles. This method ensures better safety of other road users while transporting a vehicle. When the towed vehicle is firmly strapped on the flatbed platform of the tow truck and not swaying behind the truck on two or four wheels, the risk to pedestrians or passing cars is much lower.

If you have a need for flatbed tow truck near Bradenton, we’d like you to know that Bradenton Towing Company offers fast & reliable flatbed towing service everywhere in the Bradenton area.


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